History of Piers is the Jacksonville Beach area
First known pier in the area at Micklers Landing. We
know it was here in 1935 and believe it was torn down by
a hurricane in 1947.
First Pier in Jax. Beach known as Shad's Pier
Entrance to Shad's Pier
The 2nd pier located at 6th Ave South ran by
Rhonda for many years.
Atlantic Beach pier 1964
Atlntic Beach pier after Dora
Hurrican Dora  shorten the pier.
The T was found and replaced but
the section of the pier was never  
put back
The Jacksonville Beach Pier was designed not only to serve the recreational
needs of area residents and visitors but also to withstand the worst that the
atlantic ocean can dish out.   At 1,320 feet, the new pier is 303 feet longer
than the old Jax Pier which was 997 feet in length and approximately 16 feet
wide. The new pier, which is handicapped accessible,  features a 20-foot
wide wooden deck, several fish cleaning stations, a concession area, bait
shop, and restrooms.
World Record Shark Caught by a guy known as Blackie. This shark
was caught on the 2nd Jax. Beach Pier located at 6th ave south and
ran by Rhonda Boone Wilson
T at the end -  31 x 48 ft.
Cost - 3,5000.00

Due to the hard work of Roger
Walker, the pier got extra
footage so kingfishing on the
peir would be possible.