Have you heard of different locations to fish and you are not sure where
they are, just hit the maps logo below and find over 17 different locations,
great for surf fishing.  Hit the return to come to back to this web site
Below- Heading North - Good fishing from the 2nd creek on the right to Seven Pines Island
Below are aerial views of different locations. The first one below is one from
Jacksonville Beach to Little Talbot Island giving you all the names of different
Coming down the
intracoastal heading south
thru Palm Valley Bridge to
Pine Island and Little Pine
Palm Valley Bridge
Tarpon Hole
Cabbage Creek
Pablo Creek
Heading South from Beach Blvd. to Cabbage and Pablo Creeks. Notice the
bridge over Pablo, very low and at high tide hard to get under.
leaving Sister's Creek  and
Joe Carlucci Boat Ramps.
The third creek going left is
North Florida. But, you must
be careful of large oyster
mounds and if you are new
to the area I would not go
into there to far without a
GPS to know how to get
out. Good fishing, but can
be dangerous to the newbie.

Fishing the bank of the
intracoastal to Fernandina
is also very good.